A Rocha is an international Christian environmental group formed in 1983 by Peter and Miranda Harris. A Rocha means "the rock" in Portuguese.  With a motto of Conservation and Hope and aiming "to protect the environment through local, community-based conservation, scientific research and environmental education," A Rocha has ongoing projects in 20 countries. In Canada, there are active projects in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. A Rocha is a helpful resource for Christians looking for a faith-based understanding of climate change and our role as Christians.

What Can I Do?

Sometimes environmental problems seem overwhelming but small changes in lifestyle DO make a difference to the environment, are better for your health and can save money. There are so many things we can do that are just, fair and respect the beautiful world that God has made. But change is not always easy, so make things fun and take small steps towards change - think simplicity. 

Click the links below for ideas of what you can do.

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