The United Church has a varied expression of worship. St. Stephen's is particularly focused on establishing and nurturing our relationship with Jesus Christ. Local and Global Mission is a continuing focus for us. 

At St. Stephen's we have a Mission, Vision, Core Value and Bedrock Beliefs that we use to help guide our decision making.


“The Vision of St. Stephen’s United Church is to be a Jesus-centred, Spirit-led community, called and equipped to join in God’s loving work in the world”


“The mission of St. Stephen’s United Church is to follow Jesus Christ”.


St. Stephen’s United Church is committed to:

• Relationship with God through Jesus Christ
• Transformational spiritual growth
• Loving our neighbours as ourselves
• Diversity in Worship
• Effective communication


We believe God loves us unconditionally.
We believe in the power of prayer.
We believe and trust in God, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
We believe God is faithful.
We believe the Lord Jesus is alive here.
We believe we are forgiven and called to be forgiving.
We believe God speaks to us and guides us through the Bible.
We believe God has a plan for us.