Welcome!  If you're coming to St. Stephen's for the first time, there is parking in the front of the church, in the back and along the streets of Veteran's Way and Village Way. The front door faces Village Way. Our congregation is made up of people of all ages, all walks of life and many different denominations of the Christian faith.  We are held together by one thing, our desire to follow Jesus.  Our dress code is simple:  come as you are!

As you enter the front door of our church, the first thing you will see is a print of Rembrandt's famous painting of The Prodigal Son and a sign underneath saying "Welcome Home".  Whether you have spent a lifetime going to church or coming for the very first time, you are welcome at St. Stephen's. 

We offer two Sunday morning Worship Services in an effort to provide a diversity in worship.  The 9am service is attended by families and others who enjoy a more modern style of worship with a range of musical styles using piano, guitar, drums and vocalists. Children's Sunday School meets during the 9am Service.

The 11am service is attended by those who enjoy traditional hymns, a choir and organ music. Each Service offers something special and both endeavor to bring us closer to God through worship.  A few times each year we do a combined service at 10am with a special theme. 

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