The M&P Committee oversees the relationship of our church staff – with each other, with the various Ministry Teams, with the Board, and also with YOU, the congregation.  The Committee’s role is to continually monitor and review the effectiveness of staff in relation to the congregation’s mission, and to oversee the relationship between staff and the congregation.   We want to ensure a healthy climate in the congregation where constructive feedback can be offered and received in a positive way.  

OUR STAFF fall into three categories: 

MINISTRY PERSONNEL are Rev. Phil Spencer, Ordained Minister and Dianne Collery, a Candidate for Ordained Ministry.  They are supported by Adele Cave, our Office Administrator. 

LAY EMPLOYEES are Fiona Wratislav (Early Worship Service Leader), Skye Donald (11 a.m. service Choir Director), and Denise Cormier (Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator). 

CONTRACTORS are our organist, John Nelson, pianist, Bill Cave and custodian, Andrea MacKinnon.  They are supervised by the Resource Management Ministry.

OUR M&P COMMITTEE are:  Susan Lee, Bern and Nancy Cassidy, Elaine MacDougall and Jan Greig.  We are the congregation’s liaison with our wonderful St. Stephen’s staff.    Please speak to any one of us if you have a question or concern.  We look forward to working with all of you.