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“Faith, Doubt and God’s Mysterious Timing” with Laurie Short

In this ten session series( 3-8 min. In length) you will hear Bible stories that talk about unanswered prayer... or was it? Sometimes we wonder what in the world God is doing. That is easy to do. We are living in a story that is continually unfolding. It is hard to hold on when difficult circumstances enter our lives. It can seem that our prayers go seemingly unheard or unanswered.  This bible study session brings forward to us a Bible filled with people who experienced life as we do today. From Moses, to Abraham to Job, among many others, their stories from the past show us that they had to trust God when the way forward was so unclear. These stories, and their lives, are witness or testimony to God’s faithfulness and insight into how we can move forward living our lives in trust that God is near.