The Mission and Service results are in for 2022 and the United Church of Canada wishes to thank everyone who contributed to Mission & Service and the work of the church in 2022. All told, the people of the United Church gave $24.5 million, including Mission & Service givings totalling $21.1 million, bequests and other planned gifts totaling $1.8 million, and over $1.5 million for the people of Ukraine. Mission & Service givings include direct gifts, congregational giving, special gifts, and support from the United Church Women.

Together through Mission & Service we have:

  • supported and trained lay and ordered leaders
  • strengthened communities of faith by contributing to programs that deepen the faith of lay leaders, youth, and young adults
  • facilitated healing and reconciliation with the Indigenous Church through The Healing Fund and the Justice and Reconciliation Fund
  • supported outreach ministries in Canada that offer shelter, food, companionship, and mental health supports
  • supported the work of our global partners by delivering food, water, shelter, health, education, employment training, counselling, and human rights advocacy

For the full report, please click on the link below.

2022 Mission & Service Results: Thank You! | The United Church of Canada (