Mark 10:46-52

Welcome to this time of worship. 

  1. Our service begins with the singing one of two hymns, the more contemporary song being found here and the traditional hymn being here.
  2. The video and audio-only versions of the service are both located above.
  3. Following the blessing you are again invited to join in the singing of either a contemporary song or a traditional hymn. 
  4. If you are worshipping at home with your family, there are colouring sheets you can download for your children to go along with the message of the day. The printable pages can be downloaded from the links in the "Sermon Notes" above.

  Leading in worship today are John, Anne, Carol, Fiona and Dianne.  The photos that are included in the service are from the Unsplash website. We thank photographers Ricardo Gomez Angel & Lubo Minar for making them available for our use.