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Thanksgiving is around the corner, and this year more than ever giving to people in need through Mission & Service is critical.

In Canada right now, COVID-19 is the final straw for families who were already pushed to the financial edge before the virus struck. By the end of the year, 12,000 people per day living around the world could die from hunger because of the pandemic.

And the situation is getting worse by the hour.

Together, as a United Church, we can make a difference. When we stand together, we can have an impact that we never could on our own.

While some of our members are struggling financially because of this financial crisis, others are not―and these may be seeking ways to share. The Mission & Service Fund is inviting us to give this Thanksgiving. 

• Here is a short, inspiring Thanksgiving video from M&S.

• Here is the Thanksgiving Minute for Mission that tells the amazing story of how our gift of food transformed the lives of a family who went hungry because of COVID-19.

Donations can be made to the Mission and Service Fund through your regular offering, whether you use envelopes or give online.

Thank you for your commitment to God’s mission of care and compassion.