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History of White Gift Sunday

White Gift Sunday dates back to 1904 in Ohio. The wife of a Methodist minister and her two daughters came up with the idea of giving gifts wrapped in white paper at Christmas time to people in need. Gifts are wrapped in white so that they will be anonymous and so that people who can only give a little will not be embarrassed. There is a Chinese tradition where all the people gave their king a gift wrapped in plain white paper so that every gift would look the same. Each person gave the king what they were able, and the king welcomed them all. The White Gift shares in the spirit of Christ and the God of love at Christmas. We give gifts of love to people in need. These gifts are often nonperishable food items which are distributed to people in the community. White Gift Sunday celebrates the stewardship of God’s love and giving at the time of year when we remember the coming of the King of Kings.

White Gift Sunday is December 3, 2017.  Please bring your non-perishable food items or cash donations marked “White Gift” on this day.  All donations will be divided between the Salvation Army and the SOS.