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The homeless situation is still on the radar of the community, despite the ongoing Covid pandemic. The bad weather shelter is still needed, location for a shelter is still sought, as well as funding for operations are the only stumbling blocks now.

A number of social and private organizations are ready to put a shelter in our community into operation:
1) Homeless task force (OHEART)
2) Medical teams
3) Forward House
4) Island Crisis Care Society
5) Society of Services
6) BC Ministry of Social Development
7) Church Ministries
In addition, a number of private interests, as well as local businesses would like to sit down and see how they could help.

As all this comes together, our community homeless still need looking after and in the last six months there's been a number of requests for tents, sleeping bags, and bikes. As of the last three weeks 3 bikes, 1 tent, 4 sleeping bags, 1 backpack, and a number of towels and blankets were donated by our community and our church congregation. With these donations we were able to accommodate the needs of over a dozen homeless persons and low income seniors.

Forward House workers, ICCS workers, and our church ministries were able to match items with clients in need, an impressive example of how we are able to all work together and communicate the needs of the community.

As we are all in our own, safe bubbles of isolation and find ourselves maybe cleaning out closets, garages, basements, what have you...consider maybe donating that old bike hiding in the recesses of the shed out back, a good quality tent or backpack you are no longer using or that towel that at one time was part of a set. This kind of generous donation has witnessed smiles, tears, and prayers of thank-yous' that are uplifting for all involved.

Pickups can be arranged, a drop off option is available, or you might want to meet some of those that are on the receiving end of the joy well shared. For further information contact Kevin - email [email protected] or leave a message with our church offices.

Thank you and blessings to you and yours,