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St. Stephen’s Kids Church invites you to join us Sunday mornings this fall as we prepare to be SLIMED!  Our new curriculum teaches kids that no matter what slimy situation we make for ourselves or find ourselves in, God can help us clean up the mess and make something beautiful.   Each week we will introduce kids to a new bible lesson through stories, videos and/or science experiments and skits, play active group games and fun craft projects – including making slime.

When: Sunday Mornings

Time:9:00 am

Programs: Fall – SLIMED! (8 weeks)  

 Winter – Hands on Faith – Science (6 weeks) 

Spring – Missions: Kids Around the World (8 weeks)  

Special Events: Environment – Sharing and Protecting God’s Creation (3 weeks)

Operation Shoe Box (2 weeks)

Christmas Pageant Walk with Jesus Easter Event