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Have you ever heard of a Chrismon Tree?  It's an evergreen tree that is decorated with clear lights and "Chrismons". "Chrismon" is a combination of the words "Christ" and "monogram," and means "symbols of Christ." These symbols include such things as the dove descending down, fish, Celtic cross, Jerusalem cross, shepherd's crook, chalice, shell, and others. Chrismons are gold and white, representing majesty and purity. 

This Advent and Christmas Season since all of our worship services will be online, we plan to build a beautifully decorated backdrop to use for filming and include a Chrismon Tree.   We invite you to be a part of our Christmas preparations by making a Chrismon ornament to decorate the tree.  Ornaments can be made out of any material: beads, glass, wood or fabric, as long as they are gold and/or white in colour.  If you do a Google Search or look on Pinterest, you will get lots of ideas including some patterns you can download.

Please drop your ornaments off to the church or call if you need it to be picked up.  There will be a box outside the office door Monday – Thursday mornings between 8:30am and noon until November 20th.  Thank you for sharing your talents in this project!