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This fall we can’t gather for an in-person study as we normally do, however we can gather virtually for some rich learning and discussion together regarding a topic that is more timely now than ever: What is our hope and how can we share that hope in our world? “Christians normally think of the future in terms of ‘heaven’, but the promised reality is far greater: a  new heaven and a new earth, a whole new creation.  Once you grasp this biblical vision of God’s future, it will transform your understanding of life in the present."

Over six weeks we will meet online to explore these questions, using NT Wright’s “Surprised By Hope” as our guide.  We will meet online on Tuesdays from 1:30 pm to 3 pm, beginning November 3rd and running through to December 8th.  (If you work during the day and cannot make an afternoon session but would be interested in an evening one please email the office.  If there is enough interest we will offer an evening session as well for those who work.) 

There is a participant guide that we will use for the discussions and it is available either as a Kindle download from this link:  

or in paperback from from this link:  

If you are not able to order it online please let the office know and we will order one for you.  

Please sign up by calling or emailing the church office by Thursday, October 29th so we can forward the instructions of how to connect online. Sorry, no late registration will be available.