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Yesterday in our Pray-As-You-Go meditation we were encouraged to come to God as God’s child, with the trust that children bring, uncomplicated by the weight of “being a responsible adult.” Today, as a follow up to that meditation you are invited to meditate on the names of God, allowing the Spirit of God to lead you to one (from the list or otherwise) that seems particularly fitting for your relationship with God, or perhaps seems fitting for what God might be wanting to show you about Himself.

As you come in prayer, find a quiet comfortable place and try to quiet yourself so that you can focus on your sense of God being with you. Invite Jesus to sit with you as you pray and listen to these names for God.

Read the following names for God slowly and reverently. Read them aloud and listen prayerfully. Listen for the name or names that speaks most to you. You may want to make note of what stands out.

Holy One
Loving Parent
Healing Presence
Source of Joy
Ancient One
Awesome God
Creator God
Father of Lights
Compassionate One
Loving Spirit
Gracious Creator
Great Spirit
Great “I Am”
Beloved Friend
First Breath
Giver of Life
Gentle Shepherd
Mother-Father God
Creator of Beauty
My Rock

Now spend a few minutes speaking or listening to God about this experience and what it has stirred within you. You may want to consider incorporating the name that has been highlighted for you in your regular prayers as a particularly personal way for you to address God.

May God’s blessing be upon you today,

(We thank the Community of Christ for providing this list as part of their communal practice of Meditating on God’s Name which can be found at