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Good Friday

On this day, Jesus endured the mockery of a trial; he was condemned to death, tortured and executed; then his body was taken down from the Cross, and buried in a borrowed grave.

Scripture reading: Mark 15:16–39


Lord Jesus, 
lifted high on the cross, 
you look down on us in all our greatness, 
and all our sin. 
And in your amazing love 
you sift out the good in us, 
in both our greatness, 
and our sin. 

Look in mercy on all who need you now; 
especially those who would not dream of approaching you, 
who feel themselves excluded from your love. 
Live for them, we pray, 
as you died for them; 
and have mercy on us 
who go in danger of thinking ourselves good, 
when you have taught us 
who alone is good, 
and shown us, 
by your living and your dying, 
how we may honour Him. 
We pray in your name. 

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Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash