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This is a week to consider the gifts and talents God has given each one of us. The passage, Foster is preaching on this week (Matthew 25: 14-30) always leads me to recall Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians where in chapter 12 he teaches about spiritual gifts.
The full chapter is here.

Now, you may try and say that He hasn’t given you any gifts that are of any use to the body of Christ…but there, my friend, you’d be fooling only yourself (*insert chuckle).
Your talent (this means your God-given ability, not necessarily theatrical or musical, though it may be) may seem so minor or irrelevant that you wonder if its even a real thing. But remember Paul’s words that all body parts (and gifts) are needed for the body (and church) to function properly.
So, I encourage you; if you’re a foot, be the best foot you can be in Christ’s service; likewise if you’re a hand, eye, ear or eye. You have been chosen and created by the One true God to do what no one else can.
Jesus has called each of us, even you, into his service-for His sake, and for our neighbours. Will you answer the call?

I hope the following pieces can help bring you into a place of gratitude for the beautiful blessings and glorious gifts of God and prepare you for joining in a time of worship with us on Sunday.

God, Who’s Giving Knows No Ending

Answer the Call (lyrics can be found in the comments below the video)

If you need help working out your spiritual gifts, please call or email us at the church office.