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We worship a God who delights, in big things and small things.  Today in this lovely prayer written by Bobbi Salkeld, we are encouraged to join with God in finding delight of our own in some of the small, seemingly inconsequential things in life.  May your heart be filled with delight today and, as it is, may it reflect the beauty of God’s heart.

The Beauty of Tiny Things

In a world where BIG, LOUD, MORE is king,
the beauty of tiny things is key – 
That pinky fingernail, so delicate and small
(paint it with nail polish and admire it, why don’t you).
Your favourite pair of socks that do everything socks
should do and no more.
(I mean, they are socks, after all).
A photo of a loved one that captures this gorgeous creature
in ways that are hard to put into words
(is it their toothy smile, their nose crinkle, their coy side-eye?).
Oh, and how could we forget? Microbes! Blades of grass!
Snowflakes! Gemstones! Eyelashes! DNA! Ladybugs! Garlic cloves!
Rose petals! Semicolons! Come on now.
Angels do dance on the tip of a needle.
Praise God for the beauty of tiny things.
                Bobbi Salkeld
With grateful thanks to Commons Church and Bobby Salkeld for granting us permission to incorporate these prayers into our daily devotionals.
From A Season Like No Other: Commons Prayers, Bobbi Salkeld, Jeanne New, Kevin Borst, Larissa Amour, Ryan Petkau, Scott Wall, Yelena Pakhomova, Printing in Calgary, Alberta 2021. p41.

Photo by Martin Oslic on Unsplash