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Today we pray again with the good people of Commons Church in Calgary, joining in this beautiful prayer crafted by Yelena Pakhomova that reminds and assures us of God’s promise to always be with us, through whatever we are facing today.

Never Out of God’s Sight

As you step into this new day,
Anticipating joys and trying to keep anxieties in check,
May you know that you are never out of God’s sight.
God watches over you,
mending, healing, breathing peace,
expanding your heart.
May you celebrate those whom God has given to you
and feel safe to be seen in your weaker moments.
May you find strength in stewarding your life today,
even if it looks like a small step, a gentle word,
or a tiny moment of genuine connection.
And if you feel trapped, may you trust that
God will bring you out into a spacious place.
Because God is a freeing God.
                Yelena Pakhomova

With grateful thanks to Commons Church and Bobby Salkeld for granting us permission to incorporate these prayers into our daily devotionals.
From A Season Like No Other: Commons Prayers, Bobbi Salkeld, Jeanne New, Kevin Borst, Larissa Amour, Ryan Petkau, Scott Wall, Yelena Pakhomova, Printing in Calgary, Alberta 2021. p. 109.


Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash