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Today’s Reading: Genesis 37:1-28

As you come to the reading given for each day this month, here is the simple five movement practice called Lectio Divina that you may want to follow to engage with God through these readings in a more personal way.

1. Silencio - Quiet yourself.
Bring yourself into the presence of God. Become quiet and offer yourself to God.

2. Lectio - Read the word.
Read the passage slowly and out loud. Allow the words to resonate and settle in your heart. Linger on any word or phrase that catches your attention and lights up for you. Sit with the word or phrase and savour it as a word of God for you.

3. Meditatio - Meditate.
Read the passage again and listen for where the word connects with your life right now. If you like and if the reading lends itself to this, imagine yourself entering the story, and pay attention to what you hear, experience, see and feel.

4. Oratio - Respond and pray.
Read the passage one more time and listen attentively. Respond to God with what you are thinking and feeling, honestly and without reservation. You don’t need to censure your thoughts. Talk freely with God about what has come to you in this time.

5. Comptemplatio - Contemplate, rest and wait in the presence of God.
Deeply receive God’s Word and rest in his presence and love. Ask God for the grace to take God’s Word for you today with you throughout the rest of your day.

May God’s blessing be upon you today,