Worth a listen

Yesterday I preached the first of 10 sermons on some of the more critical teachings of the Church. This is a part of the “Believe the Story” program that the congregation has now begun this year. The doctrine we were starting with was the nature of God, and in particular, the notion of the Triune God. During the... Read More

December 25th?

My previous blog post was the column I’d penned for a local newspaper. On the day of publication I received a thoughtful response from a reader who had some doubts about the dating and celebration of Christmas in particular, and the place of traditions in the church in general.  My response follows.     First of... Read More

"A Glorious Disruption"

The most recent of my occasional columns in the Parksville-Qualicum News.   The season of Advent is upon us and things are unfolding pretty much in the expected way. We got the Christmas lights up on the weekend and they were turned on on December 1st. Why December 1st? I have no idea—it’s just what we do. We are... Read More

General Council Fallout

I’m now back in the saddle after having enjoyed some rather refreshing holiday time in August … and it’s good to be back doing what I get to do. While I was on vacation I did keep my eye on the labours of the national body of the denomination, the General Council of the United Church, as it met in Cornerbrook,... Read More

"Church on Vacation ... or Not?"

I recently wrote for the local newspaper (The Parksville-Qualicum News) the column below. I have also come across another thoughtful perspective on the issue of attending church while on vacation. I hope your vacation time is rich!... Read More


Care For a Coffee? Tea?

About three years ago the St. Stephen’s UC Board did a bit of dreaming together. At one of our meetings we spent some “Wouldn’t it be something …?” time and a number of ideas bubbled up amongst us. One of the dreams was a café. Someone said words to the effect of, “Can you imagine if the church had a coffee shop... Read More

Specialized diverge comp smartweld 15


It was in February that I went down to the LBS (Local Bike Shop) and ordered a new road bike. I had some particular features in mind when I arrived and the owner of the store - a really decent guy – spent some time with me making sure I found what would be the best one. Alternatives and options were considered and... Read More

On Sunday Night

Many thanks to Paddy and Carol Ducklow for spending time with the congregation of St. Stephen's United this weekend. They were a great gift to us. It's going to be fascinating over the next weeks and months as we discover the results of the consultation. Where to next? We're about to find out. But I now have a new... Read More

Prayers, please!

Tomorrow morning—bright and early—we begin a weekend with a pair of consultants who are going to help the congregation of St. Stephen's United do some discerning as to where God might be calling us to put our energies in the next few years. The work we have done in preparation has been good and encouraging. So,... Read More

Truth, Fact, Opinion

For those of you who were in the group I had the pleasure of facilitating tonight, in our chatting about truth, morality, and ethics I made some reference to an article in the New York Times. You can find the article here. There may be a test next week. :-)  Read More

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