Luke 10:38-42

Welcome to this time of worship. 

  1. Our service begins with the singing one of two hymns, the more contemporary song being found here and the traditional hymn being here.
  2. The video and audio-only versions of the service are both located above.
  3. Following the blessing you are again invited to join in the singing of either a contemporary song or a traditional hymn. 

Leading in worship today are James, Andy, Fiona and Dianne.  An image included in the service is from the Unsplash website. We thank photographer Robert Lukeman for making it available for our use.

In Dianne's sermon today you will hear her talk about Spiritual Pathways and how each of us has a preferred spiritual pathway and we naturally gravitate to that way of connecting to God. Most of us don't have just one, but we tend to prefer one or two main pathways.

Pathways can include: 

Relational: I connect best to God when I am with others.
Intellectual: I connect best to God when I learn.
Worship: I connect best to God when I worship.
Activist: I connect best to God when doing great things.
Contemplative: I connect best to God in silence.
Serving: I connect best to God while completing Kingdom tasks.
Creation: I connect best to God in nature.

If you're curious or unsure about what your pathway might be, there is an assessment you can take to help you.  You can download the file above, called "How To Hear. Spiritual Pathways Assessment".

Then, once you have determined your pathway(s) you can download the descriptions for each of the seven pathways listed.  If you have questions about your pathways, Dianne would love to talk with you about them.