Luke 24:44-53 & Acts 1:1-11
May 24, 2020 - The 7th Sunday of Easter / Ascension

Welcome to the worship of the St. Stephen's United community on this 7th Sunday of Easter.

  1. You are invited to begin with the singing of one of two hymns. The traditional hymn can be found here and the more contemporary song is located here.
  2. Next you may access above either the video or audio versions of the service which are both located above. 
  3. Following the blessing you can join in the singing of either a contemporary song or a traditional hymn. 
  4. As you will hear mentioned in the sermon, at the end we hope that you will also join in this Canadian rendering of “The Blessing.”

Leading in worship today are John and Margaret, Fiona, Dianne, Phil, Andy, Phil once again, and finally John. The opening photograph in the video (also above) was taken by Guillaume de Germain and the closing one is by Łukasz Łada. They originate from the Unsplash website.