Acts 2:42-47
May 3, 2020 - The 4th Sunday of Easter

Welcome to worship on this the 4th Sunday of Easter, which is also a communion service. To join us at the Lord’s table, prepare some bread (or what you would normally eat in its place) and some grape juice or wine before proceeding.

1. Worship begins with the singing of one of two hymns.  The more traditional hymn can be found here and the more contemporary piece can be found here.

2. Following the opening music, access the audio file above.

3. After the blessing you’re invited to participate in the concluding music – a contemporary song here and a more traditional piece here.  

Leading in worship today are: Fiona, the Rev. Phil, the Rev. Dianne, Amanda, and Phil (again). The photo used on this page is the work of Hudson Hintze and was taken from the Unsplash site.