Creation Care Team – Statement of Purpose

The Creation Care Team’s Statement of Purpose is based on the current St. Stephen’s United Church Vision Statement* and is built on the solid ground of God’s Creation story.  It is a call to recover the inextricable connection between God’s Creation and the Redemption of the world. 

The Creation Care Team will follow and actively engage in “God’s loving work in the world” by:

1.    Taking initiative in certain projects that will serve the church and larger community regarding the environment.

2.    Continuing to be responsibly informed in the most significant and important literature on Creation Care and share this with the congregation.

3.    Seeking ideas to pass on helpful ‘greening’ information to the congregation for their consideration and discussion.

*The vision of St. Stephen’s United Church is to be a Jesus-centered, Spirit-led Community, called and equipped to join in God’s loving work in the world. 

For more information on Creation Care, please visit the Creation Care Page.