Phil Spencer

Yesterday I preached the first of 10 sermons on some of the more critical teachings of the Church. This is a part of the “Believe the Story” program that the congregation has now begun this year. The doctrine we were starting with was the nature of God, and in particular, the notion of the Triune God. During the sermon I made brief reference to a minister in our denomination, the Rev. Gretta Vosper, who has claimed quite publicly to be an atheist, a position which is clearly at odds with this rather fundamental doctrine. In the sermon I also drew the congregation’s attention to an interview with this colleague on the CBC Radio program “The Current,” an interview that was going to be broadcast this morning. I’ve listened to it, I believe it to be illuminating, and so I’m linking that interview here. I would especially recommend that you pay attention to the response by another colleague (and friend), the Rev. Dr. Connie DenBok. It’s both sobering and encouraging and I'll have some more comments to offer on the implications of this issue shortly. Good listening!