Phil Spencer

As I occasionally do, during the prayer time today at one of the services, I asked for input from the congregation about what we might be offering up to God. The response was not surprising: a mixture of personal issues and more general concerns, and it was clear that political issues were very much on people's minds. What struck me was the nuance in the way those issues were offered, and that permitted me some freedom to formulate and offer prayers on the people’s behalf in what I hoped was a Spirit-led way. The responses of the people to the question, "What should we be praying today?" actually made it less difficult to formulate the prayer. It was less likely to be a partisan sermon offered with closed eyes. Indeed, this is one of the dangers of extemporary praying!  

When I got home from worship I found that a friend had posted this on another forum. I found it to be a useful, and not unrelated read.