Right Now Media

Right Now Media

St. Stephen's has purchased a license for Right Now Media, which gives every person in our congregation FREE access to videos from over 250 top Christians publishers and ministries. RightNow Media has studies for small groups, families, children, students, leadership development, and much more. 

Check out their resources at www.rightnowmedia.org. 

Everyone on our current email list has been given a personal password to access the site.  If you have not received yours, please contact the church office.

Our librarians and church leadership have been working on reviewing some of the resources available and will be adding their recommendations regularly.  

"Hooked on Movies" Video Reviews

Check out the "Hooked on Movies" section for their video reviews.

Right Now Media Presents: “UNEXPLAINABLE” with Don Cousins

This is an interesting 8 session study asking us if our lives have any explanation apart from God based on Paul’s... View

Dangerous Faith

Dangerous Faith – by Open Doors International   This video series is based on the book of Acts. It explores the... View

Experience the Holy Spirit's Voice

Experience the Holy Spirit’s Voice – by Pete Briscoe This is a 2 session series from Pastor Pete Briscoe that gives... View

“The Making of a Godly Man” with Ravi Zacharias

This is a 35 minute film with Zacharias speaking to us about the discipline of humility in our lives, examining the... View

“Whisper” by Mark Batterson

This is an inspiring 4 session series which teaches us that God is present everywhere; he speaks in a whisper not... View

“The Christmas Experience” with Kyle Idleman

Enjoy this wonderful 6 part series looking at the Christmas story. From Mary’s childhood to when the angel tells... View

“The Book of Galatians” with Kyle Idleman

Idleman walks us through the chapters of Galatians in 6 sessions approx. 10-12 minutes each. This is Paul’s letter... View

“God will make a Way”

Taught by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend      Great presentation about how we can find real answers and hope... View

"Promised Land"

 Experience the Promised Land through a beautiful cinematic experience that will take you to places you have only... View

“The Potter: Reflections of a Master Artisan” with David Blakeslee

Working in his studio, Blakeslee, an Artisan potter, speaks to us about how God desires to dwell within us and... View

“Steve Saint: The Jungle Missionary”

In 1956 five young men arrived in Ecuador to work with a primitive tribe of natives called the Waodani. ... View

"The Book of Ephesians" With J.D. Greear

 Read through the complete book of Ephesians in 9 sessions from 10-14 minutes each. This series presents Paul’s... View

“The Book of James” with Francis Chan

 A fantastic, inspiring bible study by Francis Chan.  Walk with him through the book of James in 12 sessions that... View

The Easter Experience by Kyle Idleman

Experience the power of Easter through a compelling cinematic presentation from Kyle Idleman. These 6 sessions will... View

Girlfriend Revolution By Susan Thomas

It fills our hearts to have happy, healthy friendships of all kinds.  In this 8 session seminar for women, Susan... View

“Paul in Rome” by David Nassar

An inspirational 4 session series filmed on location in Rome. The Roman Empire was the centre of the world in... View

“Forgotten God” by Francis Chan

 Experiencing the Holy Spirit What a source of our power – the Holy Spirit.  We cannot operate without him on our... View


Right Now Media Presents: “UNEXPLAINABLE” with Don Cousins

This is an interesting 8 session study asking us if our lives have any explanation apart from God based on Paul’s words from Philippians 4:12. Do we work to control our lives in the world and what do we do in the... Read More

Right Now Media: "The Gospel of Mark: Hope for the Gentiles"

Take a look at this four session study with Michael Card delving into the book of Mark. This series was filmed in Rome and Israel, taking us there to explore the life and character of Jesus, through the experiences... Read More

Right Now Media presents “DISCIPLESHIP EXPLORED with Barry Cooper”

Come to see us at coffee time in the hall, between services, to hear a preview of this wonderful, rich bible study of the book of Philippians.  Hear Paul’s letter to the Philippian Christians and all of us. Awesome... Read More

Right Now Media presents “Godspeed”

 The Godspeed film follows the story of a young American pastor as he begins his career as an assistant minister in a small town in Scotland. This experience of ministering opens his eyes and his heart to walk face... Read More


Looking for something to do on those damp Fall days?

We have a congregation-wide subscription to Right Now Media, a huge online video library that includes movies, bible studies, kids programs and videos covering a wide range of topics related to our faith.  There is... Read More