Praying and Preaching Politics

As I occasionally do, during the prayer time today at one of the services, I asked for input from the congregation about what we might be offering up to God. The response was not surprising: a mixture of personal issues and more general concerns, and it was clear that political issues were very much on people's... Read More


In Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book, Outliers, he makes the claim that "ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness" in acquiring a skill, declaring that “you need to have practiced, to have apprenticed, for 10,000 hours before you get good." While that assertion has received criticism from some... Read More


[A recently submitted column for the Parksville-Qualicum News]   So, I’m at the dump unloading yard waste out of the back of my truck. I had just completed some fairly serious pruning that I’d been avoiding for too long and the truck was full. As I was dragging the branches out I nodded at the elderly gentleman... Read More

"Breaking News: We're Theists"

A number of congregants and friends have asked, "What's with this UC minister who claims not be believe in God?" A good question and there are a good number of other questions that come out of it, one being, "How widespread is this phenomenon?" One of my colleagues, the Rev. Dr. Richard Bott, decided to look into... Read More


"And That's Enough"

For some reason the local newspaper didn't run this scheduled submission for the "Faith" column this last week. And I even submitted it early! Oh, well ....  May 19th update: They indeed ran the column today. Bless you, PQ News. :-) ______   I was not an especially promising Sunday School student. I am a baby... Read More

What We're Listening To: "Your Grace Finds Me"

We recently introduced this song into our song/hymn list for Sunday mornings. Matt Redman, as he so regularly does, writes a good song. Enjoy. Read More

What We're Listening To

Music plays a big role in our common church life, as a song can speak into our lives in a profound way. New music or re-worked "standards "on Sunday morning can add enormously to our worship. A regular part of the conversation at the church office or at a music practice is, "Have you heard ...?" We were doing some... Read More

"Can We Talk?"

What follows was my most recent contribution to the Parksville-Qualicum News' "Faith" column. Hope we get some conversation as a result.   “Can we talk?” That was how comedian Joan Rivers would signal that she was about to say something with a bit of an edge. It was how we all knew that we were about to go to a... Read More

Worth a listen

Yesterday I preached the first of 10 sermons on some of the more critical teachings of the Church. This is a part of the “Believe the Story” program that the congregation has now begun this year. The doctrine we were starting with was the nature of God, and in particular, the notion of the Triune God. During the... Read More

December 25th?

My previous blog post was the column I’d penned for a local newspaper. On the day of publication I received a thoughtful response from a reader who had some doubts about the dating and celebration of Christmas in particular, and the place of traditions in the church in general.  My response follows.     First of... Read More

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